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Sacred Sounds

DoununMama Drum Class & Workshops 

Tracy leads group drum classes as well as workshops focusing on West African djembe and dunun playing. 

DoununMama Drum Classes focus on technique and skill building, ensemble playing, improvisation, “cross-training” on dunun and djembe and a host of other fun stuff. Not your usual drum class that is for sure! Low and slow for beginners yet challenging for intermediates! Classes are in-person and space is limited! Options for private one-on-one "in-person" and online classes are available.

DoununMama Drum & Jam Workshops are 3 Hour sessions that can be tailored to absolute beginners to intermediate players at the location of your choice. Learn drum and percussion techniques, learn contemporary and traditional songs, create a rhythmic conversations with other players and end with a Freestyle drum & dance jam!

If you want to take the first step on your drum journey or return to the rhythms of your heart, email Tracy at for more information and registration. 


PopRANT is Tracy Hamilton and Tracy Hamilton is PopRANT. A singer-songwriter with a Rock & Soul heart, Tracy is a multi-instrumentalist whose musical style has Indie-Alternative/Pop Punk leanings and whose lyrics roam the landscape of gratitude, seeking and courage.

After years of making music on her own, Tracy has amassed a collection of catchy hooks, quirky rhythmic explorations, hummable harmonies and plenty of "nah, nah, nahs" to create PopRANT's debut album. It's a throwback that's filled with varied influences from Talking Heads to Todd Rundgren. You're bound to hear something that will grab your ear and take you back. Are you ready to take the trip? 

Soul Pulse Rhythm Classes 

If you want to explore rhythm like you never have before, come to Soul Pulse Rhythm Class with Sharon Pataky and Tracy Hamilton. These dynamic & diverse classes will help you find your rhythmic voice and become a passionate player that joyfully embraces your instrument. 

Soul Pulse classes are available online in the comfort of your home. Learn fun and challenging djembe & dunun drills, skill building exercises, traditional West African “Classics” and contemporary rhythms. This class is great for beginners and Intermediate drum students.

If you want to learn more, email Tracy at or visit the Soul Pulse Drum Facebook page at

Sangba Soul

Sangba Soul is a creatrix of drummers who love to play with passion. From traditional and new drum songs to joyful improvisational jams and sacred rhythmic soundscapes; Sangba Soul will energize, enliven & groove you. 

For more information & bookings, contact Tracy Hamilton @

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